Posted on 15-Nov-2019

Alkaline Kangen Water

The correct process for using the E-Cleaner
Watch the video How to clean your machine - Step by Step Instructions, or follow the steps from below:

First turn off the machine
Remove the filter from the machine and place the CPU (cleaning powder unit) in the machine where the filter was.
Pour one packet of e-cleaner powder into the CPU and close the top.
Put both hoses into a cup or pitcher.
Run the water until the ends of both hoses are submerged in water.
Let the machine soak for 5-8 hours or overnight.
Rinse the machine by running water for 10-15 minutes with the CPU still in place.
Stop the water and remove the CPU and put your filter back in.
(When storing your CPU don't store it wet with the lid on, allow it to completely dry.)
Even when you do e-cleanings regularly, you will still need to have a deep cleaning done at least twice a year. This will ensure maximum effectiveness and yield the best results for your Kangen Water®.
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